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to Embrace the Mystery!

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Porthole of Light

The portrait of my spirit guide done by Z. Denise was an exceptional spiritual gift. It’s a fine piece of art that speaks to the soul. Denise managed to connect with my guide and portrayed her in a magnificent, colorful image along with a beautiful and accurate message. This is more than just a stunning piece of art – it’s a porthole of Light.  Bornman De Villiers South Africa


Tapping into the Soul

I love my portrait and the personalized message from Athena so much.   She looks like my fathers side of the family and I am learning that many of them were very gifted.  I did not know that until recently.   How were you able to tap into that is amazing!!!!  I get a nudge to look at her when I am having a tough day and your divine message just rings in my ears of love, vulnerability, my purpose and that I am not alone.   My heart starts to soften and I feel more grounded.    What a unique and wonderful gift you have to tap into my soul, tell me what i need to hear AND have a lovely portrait to make her real for me.  Thank you again for the work on the portrait but also the many times you helped pull me back together.  Your balance, kindness and strength inspire me.  love Kristen Texas



You are delightful. I had the best experience with you. The drawing + message resonated with me more than any other ‘reading” I’ve ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Speed, Anonymous in  California


Proof, evidence and clarification

…Denise’s [email] reading had an overwhelming feeling of peace and calmness, along with excitement. I was in good hands. Denise was very detailed when giving my reading and I could tell she had taken her time. She gave me her impressions of what she felt the cards were trying to tell me rather than just giving a response from a book. The reading…felt very personable and real. She started with a photo of the cards pulled, a brief explanation of how it works and [her interpretation according to  my question]. There were subjects in the reading that I have heard from other mediums, which is exciting because it brings proof and evidence that I can trust her reading. Lastly at the end of my reading Denise asked if I had any other questions and when I did she answered them right away and gave me even more clarification on things that were foggy to me [before the reading]. In my reading Denise gave me plenty to meditate on with myself, answered questions I had on certain matters and actually solidified in my mind that in the other situations that I had done the right thing. C.R. – Anchorage Alaska

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